I was taken off the earth for the last time and saw the earth from a distance: the new jerusalem….sparkling with joy. I saw this same planet about to break into in anguish… transformed. Like Paul and Silas in the midnight hour….like the disciples waiting for Him in the upper room. It’s so hard for us to understand He is pure LOVE. He is pure light.

I woke in ICU with a start just knowing
 I’d been given a second chance at life.
In ICU, I had 10 tubes in every orifice and new ones the Dr’s made up!
 I was on morphine drip and had just been opened from “stem to stern” for emergency surgery for internal hemoraging after a massive car accident.
After a 2 hour excruciating drive to the hospital, the doctors removed 11 inches of small intestine.
 They said I was an inch away from death and I know I went to heaven for a minute, so I believe them.  I was around 20 years old with a 10month old baby who I dearly wanted to live for. All I could think about through the searing pain and surgery was “I need to get back to my baby”. That kept me going.

It would take years to grasp the patience and mercy of the Author of this second chance.

It was His amazing grace that finally revealed the purpose.

Romans 8:28 says “all things work together for good for those who love God and are called to His purpose.”

Have you ever wondered what your purpose on earth is…your raison d’etre?

Of course you have.   I ached and hungered to know if this song in my heart was worth giving.
  Family members castigated me for wanting to be a singer…I was under direct orders to stop all the singing and theater “crap” and continue being a secretary.
(I had worked part time as a receptionist and secretary since I was 14.)  I constantly ached to know if it was the reason for living that I felt it to be.

After being taken up in an “open eyed” vision after a car accident and brush with death, I knew what I was here for.   Having missed the target in so many ways in this life, I am grateful that the Lord allows me to keep shooting arrows and singing my song.

This vision has been a compass rose for over 20 years. It is quickening now. It has been the “soundtrack” for the movie of my life.

Yet, I have “kept it in my heart”…telling only a few friends…a reluctant prophet at best.
For the past few years I have begun to feel the fear and trembling from the third part of the vision.  I publish this only in hopes of encouraging eyes that see and hearts that listen. 
I publish it knowing and having tested the spirits that I would be out of God’s Will to do any less.
May the reading bless you and yours.  Keep your lamp full of oil and your eyes on Him.
********                   ************                            **************

Father, I thank you in Jesus Name that the words of my heart are your heart.

I was in a car accident, major surgery, intensive care and I woke up in ICU
just KNOWING I’d been given a second chance.
I woke up with a start in the ICU unit, with 10 tubes in me
cut from stem to stern after a massive car accident and nearly hemorrhaging to death.  Anyone who’s had internal bleeding doesn’t want to remember that pain. I had a 20hr labor with no anesthesia and this was much worse.  But I lived and woke up knowing I’d been given a second chance.

I knew I was healed.

The doctors said I’d be in ICU for at least a few more days and then recovering in the hospital for a month or 2.  I couldn’t talk because of all the tubes. I wrote a note “please take the morphine drip out and all the tubes. I’m healed.”
they laughed. I kept writing the same notes. By the next morning, they took all 10 tubes out and I was fine – no morphine withdrawals ( that I’ve since read about) .
I was healed.

I had a little 10 month old baby boy that I was raising and I was determined to get out and be with my baby and husband.
With that determination and my “second chance” from God, I was out of ICU in a day from waking out of the coma and surgery and out of the hospital in around a week.
I was so grateful to be recovered but at the same time ‘pressed’ to use this second chance.  In my heart I knew I had to sing…but family members berated me for this idea, condemning me and cursing my voice. I was heart broken but also bright and hopeful and very young
Now, this vision occurred over 20 years ago, when I was 20 with a baby, but it’s still as real to me today.

I am finally recording it in obedience to the Lord, pressing in my heart to ‘record’ it ( habbakuk)
It was and is a touchstone to the path my life has taken. I have kept it quiet all these years, learning from it, absorbing, awed by how the 2nd portion of the vision lines up with the Word, once I began reading the Bible a few years later.

I believe the third part of the vision is beginning to come to pass now. Just remember the end of the vision – there is great joy – “a new heaven and a new earth” Rev. 21:1
As my friend, Yakisha, said: “there will be fruit for your faith.”



It began around 6am half awake …a few weeks out of the hospital.  –  I was thanking God – as best I knew- for the second chance at life – to be with my baby again.
I was raised in church with my grandmothers – had a deep love for Christ as a child…but fell away and was into astrology etc and very worldly when I was given my second chance.  But God is faithful…and so patient.

VISION:      the first part

all of a sudden, I was taken off the earth: Whoosh! 
I was lifted up off the earth and went out into space in  the twinkling of an eye.
Suddenly I’m out in space. It was so real and so clear to me. I was taken out of my body and into space and viewing the earth and you can’t convince me it didn’t happen.
I see the earth…spinning….
I see the earth and the time period is “now”
I see the earth and the earth is coming apart:  earthquakes everywhere.  sparks coming off the earth from wars, from explosions…bombs going off.  I want to emphasize that this vision was given to me at 20 when life is full of hope and promise.
Ten years later, when I became a believer, I researched this vision as I devoured the words in the Bible and was astounded to read all the confirmations.
there were sparks coming off the earth.
“wars and rumours of wars, and earthquakes in diverse places.”
My whole being ached with concern for the suffering of the earth and human kind.

It was all happening very much at once…and building.

This is an important part of the vision:  the earth was brown and red and muddy…with lightning and sparks coming off the earth…the earth was troubled…it was as if it was breaking apart in grief.
Just as Revelations says, the earth travails as a woman…I saw that…having never read the Bible.
When I finally became a believer, I’d read the Word and think in amazement: “oh my gosh, that was in my vision, this was in my vision”

the immediate hunger for the Word when I first came to Christ helped me understand this vision I’d been given a few years before…I was amazed how “line by line precept by precept” the Word revealed the deeper meaning and cohesion and timeline of this vision that had been already a source of guidance for me in my second chance.

So, again – I was out in space viewing the earth – from a distance – coming apart- sparks flying -rumblings- earthquakes – I knew “this was it”.  Whatever that meant.

I would see groups of people clustering together…”fear huddles” I’ve come to call them.
the little groups would clump together magnetized by their own fear.

They’d clump together in these ‘fear huddles’ and the mass and force of the fear would create 2 almost disneylike gloved cartoon  hands reaching out to me. This massive “cartoon like” hands would reach out to me in space – far from the earth – as if needing me to be part of their fear huddle and say:
“Nam yo renge kyo, nam yo renge kyo”  then another group would reach out and say: ” hare krishna, hare krishna”
I had heard the words, but never encountered the practice of these words til I moved to California a year later.  New to LA, I was invited to many of these groups and their meetings.
Before the hands reached out…there was a “phenomemon” of mass fear groups clumping together…magnetized by their own fear.  A fear huddle…

It was …a caucophony of different religions of our day…like reporters with their microphones aimed at the current target of the news media.

Then another group would reach out to me saying: “hare krishna, hare krishna” imploring me to try it to join them, to chant those words…to try that out…which I never did, other than food at one of their restaurants in LA. (Great food!)
I was too intimidated to repeat this part for a while but I also saw fear huddles clump together and say:”do you know Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, do you know Jesus Christ.” Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize, loving God with all my heart, mind and soul: that when the gospel is offered in fear, it is not the Lord. I’ve come to realize with great sadness of heart that many of the churches of this land are the wolves devouring the sheep that the new testament speaks of.

So these little clumps were reaching out to me, trying to get me to join.

Still “out in space” I backed off from the magnetic presence of their attempts…saying no…I had this feeling that none of this was the truth. and while these deceptions were multiplying and predominating, I knew it wasn’t the truth, so I kept backing off, but meanwhile saw the earth still …coming apart…and my heart was breaking with the impotence of soul from lack of action on my part.

So my heart was pierced by the agony of what I saw going on…at a distance …on earth.  It was very real to me.  That anguish punctuated and compelled me into the next part of the vision:

I cried out: “God help me!!!”  I couldn’t be part of the magnetic deceptions and fear groups on the earth – but yet the earth was coming apart and I was doing nothing and my heart was wrenched my own lack of contribution.

CONTRIBUTION: this is a key.  “Give and it shall be given” Malachi.  I believe in this.  We are each born with a gift to give.  We feel empty when we are not contributing.  This ache to contribute – to do my part- punctuated and compelled each of the 3 segments of the vision to unfold.

VISION        the second part
Still feeling the anguish of watching planet earth coming apart…
All of a sudden, I was back on Calvary.  I was on Calvary. It was as real as right now is. I was there…in that dusty, rocky lonely geography.
I was underneath an olive tree at a distance from the 3 crosses on the hill above and beyond me.
It was raining…the ground was shaking…the skies were dark and full of strange lightning. Flashes of lightning, you could barely see because the skies were so dark, but I could see the hill where the crosses were.

years later I read the Bible and found out indeed there was an earthquake.
The Raboni had just been crucified. His body was so disfigured with blood that it was a dark, black mass upon the cross.  Isaiah 53. Crucifixes minimize the truth of what I saw. I believe in the Cross and Him crucified, but have come to believe the physical symbol and crucifix could be a “graven image”.
In the vision I had the sense that I ran to get there when I heard of it.  I was too late.
I was afraid to go to his meetings.  I was afraid to make a stand.  I was afraid of what people would think.
I was under the tree with women who knew Him.

there were a few women that really followed Him. They were there – together, under the olive tree (it makes me think of the wise virgins with lamps full of oil..what we need most in this hour)- when I arrived at Golgotha.
This is – to me – the most awesome part of the vision.   Why we need the Lord and His grace:
because so few can even make it to the foot of the Cross.

I looked up huddled under the olive tree in the rain with this group of women  and saw – upon the hill- there was a handful of people and a few soldiers.  That’s the thing:  God knows our frame. Hardly anybody can make it to the foot of the Cross.  It’s all by grace.  That’s why we need Him.
Even the Lord’s best friends deserted Him.
They never made it to the foot of the cross.  Still He returned to them…and fed them…and loved them. If your heart has ever once been pierced by the sweet pure love of Christ, you know that His love will never leave you or desert you.

I was too much of a coward to choose Him.  I remember…I knew in my heart feeling like I wanted to go to His meetings but didn’t want to appear “uncool” to my friends or lose my job.

Again, the anguish, of not giving my heart to Him, not contributing…not being in God’s will…wracked my soul on calvary.
and under that olive tree…as the ground rumbled and the skies shook dark with angry lightning…
I cried a cry that pierced the heavens and went through the whole universe with it’s plea: “God, HELP ME!!!!”  because I knew this was it…this was my lot for eternity.
Or so I thought.

VISION:  the third part-

Suddenly, I’m back on earth -present time- now.  My lifetime.
Since 2007, I’ve felt this part of the vision is beginning to come to pass.  Fear and trembling has come to my bones knowing that the time is imminent.

I could feel the earth coming apart….I saw lightning and thunder for a moment.  In real life I have seen several large meteors fall to the earth in the last few years. I find myself thinking “it’s starting”.

Now- in the vision- I look up in the sky and suddenly, the skies are the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen.  Like the pure hues of a rainbow, but even more beautiful and colorful.
I saw bright lights up in the sky…colors like I’ve never seen on earth before. Colors like I remember from going to heaven when I was in ICU.  I knew – watching these colors as the clouds parted, that heaven and earth were meeting.  Whereas, the skies in the second part of the vision were dark and mean, the skies in the 3rd part of the vision were the most amazing incomprehensibly beautiful colors. Joy filled me looking at these skies.
I saw these star like- pin points of light – darting about in between the clouds opening.
I knew in my heart these were “rescue vessels”…like guardian angels ushering souls up through the heavenlies to Christ.   Were they seraphim and cherubim? I don’t know… but it was real. I saw this.  As Paul said: “we see through a glass darkly”.

for those who have eyes to see:
I knew it was the magnetism of the heart. That’s why the Word says: “for God so loved the world, that He sent His only begotten son that whosoever BELIEVES in Him shall have eternal life.

All of a sudden, I see people coming up off the earth…was it “the dead in Christ” that the Bible refers to? I wouldn’t describe it as rapture. I had the sense it was the “dead in Christ” and I – and many other believers were still on earth and the Lord had need of us to work in the harvest fields.  I felt deep, deep anguish that I couldn’t join this group.

If you have Christ in your heart, that’s the magnet and you go to God.
“Whosoever believes” I’ve come to believe from the Word and this vision, that it’s that simple: “whosoever believes” not…whosoever joins the choir or goes to church or gives the most etc etc.  Of course, when you believe, it becomes natural to give…to share God’s love, but all that’s required is: “BELIEVE”
I also remember hearing – clearly – ‘magnetism is the key to energy’
So, none of this magnetic energy and products etc existed 20 years ago when I was given the vision, but now we can see this is a form of energy that is being explored and cultivated, both in products and energy production.

I saw things changing very fast. All I know is it was the magnetism of the heart, drawing souls like feathers upward to Christ.
like Paul said: “I don’t know if it was in the third heaven”.
I think what I saw was the angels in the third heaven escorting the “dead in Christ” first. I was watching this beautiful, gentle symphony of souls carried by the magnetic energy of Christ in their hearts to the heavenlies and these rescue vessels

I believe if I had surrendered my life to Christ upon the gift of this vision, my life could have taken another road. But I was fearful and stiff-necked.   But God was so patient with me
I yearned to go – to be part of this heavenly exodus – I cried out with all my heart:

“GOD, HELP ME PLEASE!!”     That heart cry compelled and impelled me to the next part of the vision:

All of a sudden from within the veils of colours within colours within massive clouds came this indescribably bright, bold beam of light. “God is light and in Him there is no darkness.” I John

This light pierced my heart.  How can I explain this moment?  “The entrance of you Word brings light” (ps 119).  It was palpable -very physical…like a magnet had just gone into my heart.
My heart was imploded with His light and what came out was song. Pure thanksgiving.

Suddenly I began singing “the Song of Songs”. I knew this was my role…my point of contribution. It was all joy. 
I knew – somehow- in the spirit, that people all over the earth were singing “the Song of Songs”.  For years after the vision, I kept trying to write “the song of songs”, but it wasn’t til I gave my heart to Christ and heard praise music for the first time that I truly “heard” the song in the spirit and understood that the song is of praise and worship to Him. My life as a songwriter and guitarist began because of and after this vision. I made many mistakes along the way.
But the Lord was patient with me.

So I’m singing the song and hearing other people singing and filled with this joy…knowing that I’m doing what I was put here for.  Then like…popcorn…the song of songs erupted with quantum joy and energy all over the earth. I heard and saw -by the spirit- the “song of songs’ mulitiplying all over the earth.
Suddenly I heard someone in Calcutta singing “the song”…someone in London singing ‘the song’…in Paris…in Kiev…it was quantum as this song of thanksgiving mulitplied over  the earth.

I saw this same planet: about to break into in anguish. Yet, I knew that …as we began to sing this “song of song’s” to Him…that Christ returned.

Singing the “song of songs” and hearing the song being sung over the earth…there was a “quantum” moment of these voices multiplying all over the earth and


I was taken off the earth for the last time and saw the earth from a distance:  the new jerusalem….sparkling with joy.  I saw this same planet about to break into in anguish… transformed.  Like Paul and Silas in the midnight hour….like the disciples waiting for Him in the upper room.  It’s so hard for us to understand He is pure LOVE. He is pure light. 
The Lord never turned away from me, even when I turned away from Him.

I wrote a song:
“There is an unseen traveler, He walks from vale to glen.
He travels with one purpose He speaks now and again:
with Light lit from the Light of Lights beyond our galaxy.
He speaks to every listening heart:
‘ Will you be coming home to me? Will you be coming home?'”.
His Love never fails.  We measure the Creator against our own ragged emotions. But this is not the truth. My experience is that there is a wideness in God’s mercy.
This vision gave me that.

That is why when we give thanks and sing to Him, God literally inhabits this.  “God inhabits the praises of His people.  It’s that simple.

I saw the earth as a beautiful jewel: blue, green, white clouds and glowing…radiant…and I could literally see hear and feel the “song of songs”    The earth was literally reverberating with praise and joy.
The Bridegroom had returned for the bride.  The wedding supper had commenced and the joy of being in the Creator’s design – finally- was beyond description. We had found paradise again… and all we could do was sing! 

Joy comes in the morning.
*****************                    *****************                   ***********************
I tell you all this, humbly knowing, that there is still a lot I don’t know or understand about this vision.

sin is fear. So I publish this not to give anyone fear, but to encourage. 
God does inhabit the praises of His people.  He needs our attention as we do His. He is Spirit and Truth. He yearns for us to walk in the garden with Him.

The adversary of my soul misused this gift, opening other avenues to use my gifts that were not God’s Will.  I did not have God’s standard in my heart, so the enemy came in like a flood. I hadn’t read the Word.  And once I gave my heart to Christ there were more church people ( and family) than I could shake a stick at that fully judged and condemned me…for singing etc etc.
Wait a minute, God gave me this vision -free of charge- and He never stopped loving me- or waiting for me to hear Him and draw near to Him.  So there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ. I am a work in progress.
If you have already picked apart this gift as being imperfect theologically well…you’re right.

It’s funny how we can think we’re this or that, but God was so patient with me.
I look back and see how the grace of God was sufficient.

I tell you, we are close.  Do you have a song to sing?  Sing it!   Do you have a gift to give?  Give it!

**************************   a POST SCRIPT
It awes me that God loved me so much to give me this vision when I was stiff-necked and into the world and “doing it my way.  Yet, He gave me my purpose when He gave me this vision.     The Spirit of the Lord was patient as I continued in my stiff-necked ways.
God gave me the gift of singing…my heavenly father has blessed me so abundantly.
Then 10 years later, He gave me eternity when He gave me His Son.

I loved God as a little girl and I believe I did have a relationship with Christ as a child, but I never surrendered my life and heart to him.
But God never gave up on me and has showed me so much mercy.
We need to be His instruments of mercy – not judgement – on this earth.

At the conclusion of the vision- from that moment on- I knew what I was here to do.

My faith has never wavered.  This vision is from YHWH.  I have had dreams, lucid dreams, “seeing” events that are to come to pass in my mind’s eye, but nothing like this. 
This experience stands unique in my lifetime.
it was so clear, it was as if I was there, in this visionary place, but I was also aware of my body. May the sharing of this vision bless you. May God bless you with the gift of KNOWING what you’re here on earth to do.


May God bless you with revelation of the gifts He’s given you and a way to use them!

P.S. May I introduce you to my best friend, Jesus? Yashua ben Yusef…He became flesh and died for our sins so that we may have eternal life. Yahshua Ha’Massiach…Jesus…do you believe in Him?
You do? Then talk to Him …read His love letter…listen to His Spirit …everything else is a distraction from His Kingdom coming.
….and it is.
See you there!

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sign of the times

OCT 29, 2009
To my haughty children-
How I love you and will always love my whole creation
but the day must – is -coming
where judgement must be.
the line must stand against evil
like a father who loves all His children and keep hoping for that knock on the door of the return of the wayward child…
So I keep my Hand from that moment.
For I want all to delight with Me.
I want -ALL MY CREATION -yearns for all to sing with Me and rejoice.
Truly your eyes and ears do not have the functions to see and hear and KNOW
My Glory
My Joy…
the ecstasy and speed of heaven:
because heaven moves at the speed of perfect love
and even the tenderest of hearts towards Me
are darkened
by their flesh.

Take heart
My children who Love Me and are called by My Name:
I know this and your way of escape has been given.
Have faith you will enter into my gate thru My Son.
Trust Me like a child that provision has been made.
Even as some of you make “bug-out” homes for temporary escape-
I made a way of escape for you 2000 years ago and We have places prepared for you here that will cause you to do somersaults thru the galaxies of My Love for you.

All is not lost.
Truly all is beginning.
Meet Me at the beginning
Where the Word is
and you are on firm ground.
Rest with me in quietness and confidence. (Is. 30:15)

Now for my haughty children who say they love me
and live for the prince of the air
who say they know me and
sow seeds of despair.
I say to you:
While the harvests fields stand
take your sheath
My Word
cut down as many as I send you to with the
JOY of my Word
with the TRUTH
with the simplicity of My Spirit
which is always Truth (John 4:24)
and will always set My children free.

In your solitude:
call out the names of those you ache to see born into My Spirit.
Say their names out loud and call them by My Name and consider it done!
Say: ______, I call you by the Name of the Most High, YHWH, Yahoshua, Adonai and by the Spirit of the Lord and Him who bears witness, _______, you are called by the Lord’s Name and His purpose only.
Now believe it’s done in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am that I am. (Gen. 6:2) Your belief is that it IS.

My precious one’s, if you could feel the cloud of witnesses pressing in – yearning to see you use this fleeting window on earth to call My Name OUT LOUD – to do bold exploits in my Name. Not for some den of vipers – not for your place of work. FOR MY NAME – FOR MY PURPOSE – FOR MY KINGDOM
if you could but see, you would draw a deep breath and plunge into the kingdom work of this brief season with such passion and purpose that it would eclipse your aches and pains and every worry you have.

all that you will take with you is every kind deed and the people you have blessed

in My Name.


Oh, My haughty children who still doubt:
who are you to judge the times and seasons.
If I choose to draw my tender Enoch to my bosom in a breath:
who are you to judge?
if I choose to give Noah My way of escape:
who are you to judge?
If I choose to give my prophets
a vision centuries future
that they broadcast with the passion of it being any moment:
who are you to judge
Isaiah loved me so passionately that he BORE THE BURDEN
of BABYLON for you.
(Is: 13:1)
I tell you my children, he howled thousands of years ago
for you
while you turn on the tv and whimper.

I tell you my haughty children that day is at hand and you spend it arguing over which prophesy is right,
which dream has happened and which dream hasn’t and if it didn’t that means everything is alright and you can go back to defiling your eyes and soul with tv.
No, my haughty children: I tell you: EVERYTHING IS NOT ALRIGHT.

Oh, My children, how I would gather you to My breast right now.  But, My Word must prevail. I send My Word – thru prophets, thru a little child, thru a bird’s song.
Listen, laugh, give thanks…and HARVEST.


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